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13/06/2011, 00:00
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I ♡ NY
[English below]





It took me 4 years to go back to New York. Since it was such a long time that I haven’t been back, anything I see/do was very fresh and fun. (though, NY gives always fresh view and fun time.)

Initially, I was going to have a photography exhibition, but it didn’t happen in the end. So, I was there for presenting HOSOO Nishijin textile at ICFF

Nowadays, traditional skills are falling into a decline. In order to keep the industry alive, this is a part of my work that I am very interested in to modernize and create a beautiful traditional products and eventually to tie from our generation to the next generation. Tradition is a civilization of human nature which cultivate the power of a mind of wisdom, a culture, an education, and warm hearts.



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Fantastic photos! And congrats on being Freshly Pressed! :)

Comment by PCC Advantage

There is something so incredibly breathtaking about urban photography — great photos!


Comment by Mikalee Byerman

Fabulous photos!

Comment by Kathryn McCullough

Nice urban work, looks really good

Comment by astrawally

pretty nice photos :D

Comment by crities

Great Pics

Comment by Joe Nester

Awesome shots. Congrats on being Freshly Pressed.

Comment by Rufus' Food and Spirits Guide

thanks for sharing! i’ll be there in t-minus 3 months!

Comment by Eva McCane

Great pics!

Comment by Lakia Gordon

I love the simplicity of the shots you’ve featured here. Especially with architecture, that’s all you really need–clean lines and contrast. Great shots. The “stop” one is my favorite.

Comment by wrap me in phyllo dough

I love your way of observation…it looks light and full of eaze

Comment by sannekurz

love your photos! Super cool..

Comment by kasamud

Love your photos…and perspective!

Comment by Modern Funk

Great work! NYC is truly inspiring :)

Comment by chasingtimemedia

Nice series of images.

Comment by Lonnie

This is really awesome work. I’ve spent the past few days working at my boss’s studio. I work at a commercial studio in a smallish southern town, scanning faded negatives from fifty years ago. I forget sometimes what modern photography looks like, considering the photographer has been shooting senior pictures and I’ve been retouching really old ones.
Still, I feel very inspired to go shoot in New York or maybe just downtown in my hometown. Absolutely love the stop sign pics

Comment by derekberry

Hi Yuna. Congratulations.You have successfully made it to Freshly Pressed. Great pictures.I am glad to know that I am not the only Euna who loves to blog.

Comment by eunachaw

I love the photos. NY seems like such a fun place!

Comment by chrissie

These are absolutely fascinating!

Comment by redheadmouth

Beautiful photography, and totally love what you are doing to try to save the traditional textile industry. Would love to help you in anyway. Best, Christina

Comment by Christina

Congrats on being pressed, NYC is very cool


Comment by rf401

So homesick right now! Thanks for sharing a bit of the “Big Apple”!

Comment by Sister Earth Organics

Beautiful work

Comment by Kailyn Owens

Great pictures…Thanks for sharing!

Comment by mindslam

Very good pictures of NY!

Comment by daniplanaslabad

How did u get ur blog like this. Its dope. Can u share info??

Comment by 5mediaphotography

I really love the architecture on display in your photos!!

Comment by Dee

Nice phoots. I love Ny.

I was just there and I got hair feathers!

I wish I got them from though

Comment by Bill Smith

Your photos are stunning. As a native New Yorker I am familiar with many of the locations of these photos but I am wowed by the freshness of perspective. Very nicely done.

Comment by sketchjay


Comment by anonymous

Great photos! My personal favorite is the one of the graffiti wall, with the guy walking. NYC is one of my favorite cities in the world. I hope you enjoyed your visit there!

Comment by missywuzhere

Love your photography!

Comment by preparingtofly

How beautiful!

Comment by •°o.O•ßơ•O.o°•

Nice pictures onee sama :)

Comment by Auspicious Wedding Dates

great photos!

Comment by trialsinfood

Great selection of photos, nice idea! (:

Comment by thebigbookofdating

Beautiful photographs.

Comment by enoughpixalready

Love the pics. I like how the photos captivate the simplistic yet consuming architecture of the New York City. It truly is a piece of art. I’m totally in love with New York City, and you made me just love it even more. The pics are also an inspiration.
Please look me up at

Comment by feelthedrumbeat

Great photos!

Comment by theplaceswevebeen

Nice shots

Comment by Ady

Love the photography! Good luck.

Comment by mouseblossom

Love the pics. I’m a fan of BandW photos.

Comment by gaycarboys

Beautiful photos!

If you like underground art, you might be interested in this:



Comment by numanhoid

These are really beautiful! Congrats! :)

Comment by observingvessel

Your vibrant photographs remind me of the poems of Frank O’Hara:

“It’s my lunch hour, so I go
for a walk among the hum-colored
cabs. ”

Thank you for posting the pictures, I really enjoyed them.

Comment by strangecolossus

wow… I’ve never gotten so many compliments of my photography by today. I’m very happy that everyone had a chance to see my blog and photos. Thank you all for beautiful comments.

best regards…

Comment by Yuna Yagi

Great work! My favorite is the b&w with the stop signs: it even has some stencil graffiti in it. Glad you got to go back to NYC.

Comment by Sonja Thorsvik

Beautiful shots! I post some vintage photographs…but nothing like these. Great work!

Comment by dennisfinocchiaro

awesome shots, Yuna! i love your perspective.

Comment by yi-ching lin

This is amazing, I wanted to do something like this! I may eventually, This is true inspiration! keep it up:)

Comment by The Informant


Comment by meicaa

Good photos. I have been hitchhiking the United States for most of 15 years. Here are some hitchhiking stories, if you would like to read them:

“Hitchhiking Stories”

Comment by Tim Shey

Your work reminds me of the feeling I had when I was in New York last. No other place quite like that city.

Comment by Chris Trillana

I enjoyed reading this post… Great report.

Comment by admin

cool photos

Comment by ge

nice pictures!!!

Comment by pause

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