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22/04/2011, 22:23
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[English below]




『自然界のエネルギーがだんだん増えてゆく過程を ”フユ” 、それが張りきった時を ”ハル” と呼ぶ日本語の文化的感性に暗示されているように、春に花となって爆発する生命力は、冬のあいだに自己をしずかに膨張させ続けているのだ。』





At 4:00AM of the New Year Day of 2011,
we started the trek Mt.Hiei (Kyoto) from Shugakuin, to catch the sunrise from the summit.

It started to snow the day before and did not stop. That day, snow storm was recorded for the fist time in 17 years in Kyoto.
However, we didn’t want to give up climbing the mountain, so we kept on going.

Actually, the snow helped us a lot, while climbing.
Because of the fresh snowfall, it gave a lasting grip to the shoes and it made easier to walk on.
There were no artificial lights along the trail, but because of the reflection of the snow made the surroundings lighter and I could feel that my eyes were adjusting to the darkness then able to see a bit far. It made me feel a little bit of wild animal!
We were quite speedy on walking, so our bodies got hot. It was nice to lay on the nice white cold and soft bed in anytime anywhere. The air was so fresh and I could feel that the oxygen travel through my veins from my brain to the toes. Then, I could feel the body got so light and had more energy to walk up.
In the end, it took 3.5 hours to the mountain peak and we were able to see the sunrise over the lake of Bewa.
I prayed for the peaceful earth and went down the mountain.

I feel this experience still clearly stays in my heart.
The energy of the nature that I obtained at the time is my source of my motivation and supports me today for a long time.

Winter when energy was saved up passed, and spring when energy awoke came.
Vitality of the natural world buds at a dash.


Thank you for being there always.



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