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14/08/2010, 13:04
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おおみやけ (民宿)





16th June 2010, new construction within the main garden of the ‘Oomiyake’ complex commenced. The site is inside the grounds of buildings older than 400 years old and being used as a guest house and café. Due to the historic importance of the Miyake family, they were given the honorific title of ‘Oo’ – literally meaning grand. Around 400 years ago, the 21st generation of the ‘Oomiyake’ family was appointed governor of the Naoshima region, lasting until the early Meiji era. Currently, the guardman’s residence is used as a café and the main household serves as a guest house. On all cardinal sides of the dwelling, there are gardens of various size and character. Within the main garden, a 40-year-old pond is being replaced with a new construction. This project is yet another stage within the history of the place and connects with the future. The craftsmen, of ‘Kyoto-Aibaya,’ based in the historic capital of Kyoto, are building gardens internationally and throughout Japan. While respecting the spirit of the place and skills of the ancestors, the young gardeners face the challenge to create a work of contemporary times.
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I had a chance to take the photos of this Oomiyake, Naoshima Garden Project last month.
As for this garden, it was renewed to suite the Art Island, Naoshima and opened on the same day as Setouchi International Art Festival. The landscape gardener and designer, “Kyoto_Aibaya” a.k.a. Yoshinobu Aiba has worked mainly on the pond.

If you have a chance to visit Naoshima, please stop by at Oomiyake and experience the garden.

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たぬきちゃんはかわいい. haha. But really, wonderful photos, thanks for posting, great to see. Hope you are well. Also Mariyo’s work is beautiful and in a great setting. IINA-

Comment by Logan

Thank you for your comment, Logan!
and thank you for the good work on the Oomiyake’s garden ;)
I hope you have a chance to visit Mariyo’s work at Ogijima as well. It will be burned on the 31st of October at a fire ceremony.

Comment by Yuna Yagi

beautiful photos. we’ll be in naoshima next month, staying at the Oomiyake guest house – hope the rooms are nice, with bath and clean.
It will be great to see the garden. thanks liya

Comment by liya

Thank you for your comment.
I hope you will have a nice time there in Naoshima.

Comment by Yuna Yagi

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