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rainy season
03/07/2010, 10:30
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Rainy season climax.

I have lived in foreign countries long, and it is already about ten years that I did not experience Kyoto of the time of the rainy season. This rainy season experienced after a long time is fresh for me. There are not so many unpleasant feelings, and it is possible to be amused.

It has echoed throughout the house as if the sound of raindrops poured down from my head over the whole body because the house where I am living now is a zinc roofing, and it seems to have received the power of nature as it is. Then, eyes are shut, breath is straightened, and the image being flushed for the dirty one that the mind and body has is done. All lives have been made the best use of with light and water. And, man is also the same. It is understood to help by some reasons why oneself also keeps the balance of cosmic laws when the circulation of this life on which the life actively acts after rain passes is felt intentional in my body and the mind, the same circulation as space is experienced, and it combines with space.

Nature essentially teaches us an important thing.
The great earth, Thank you.



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