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21/01/2010, 10:22
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2010 / 27th January on sale : commmons

AOKI takamasa さんの new album が今月27日に発売されます。


今回のアルバムのタイトルとなっている”FRACTALIZED”の説明がここに。マクロに聴いても宇宙規模の大きな視点で聴いてみることも出来る音楽。イームスの power of ten のようです。AOKi takamasa さんは視覚化という手段ではなく音でそれを表現しています。

AOKI takamasa’s new album release on Jan.27th
This album is a collective of remix of Yoshihiro HANNO (RADIQ), sketch show, Ryuichi Sakamoto and HASYMO’s songs and AOKI takamasa’s self-remixes.
ART for feeling with your body.

CDの発売と同時にTシャツも発売中。TシャツはCDのデザインに使われている写真。これは写真家としても活動のされているAOKI takamasa さんの作品がTシャツに。

from AOKI takamasa’s blog:


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thank you yuna!

Comment by AOKI

it’s my pleasure

Comment by Yuna Yagi

Hi! Do you yet know that Aoki will play for the Transmediale Festival in Berlin on February? I love his album with Tujiko Noriko! ;-)

Comment by Ludag

Thank you for your comment.
yes, I know that he’s playing for the Transmediale in Berlin. I will miss it…. , but if you can go, go and check!

Comment by Yuna Yagi

Ehehe, I would go, but I think I will go to see Fourtet actually! I’ts hard to decide. I like your blog/website. That’s mine but it’s in italian!I live in Berlin as well, cheers!

Comment by Ludag

that’s great! have fun!!
thanks for your link!

Comment by Yuna Yagi

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