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14/01/2010, 15:41
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Portrait from 2009.

(English below)






少しでも関わりがあったみなさま、昨年は楽しい時間を過ごせてよかったです。私と深く関わったみなさま、私の珍旅に巻込まれてしまって大変でしたね (?!)






Dear Friends and Family & others who I have not met yet.


I wish you to have a real lovely year!

Having the concept of time which human being decide to divide time to an year to another year. Wether the calculation is wrong, or it is just really silly to make the concept of time?

Everything has some kind of “wave” – meaning, its frequency. Everything comes around and around and goes away, but each one of them has a different time scale. It is just a cycle of life. It’s just a way it is. The concept of the time is different from Human beings, caws, cats, mice, grasshoppers, a whales, stones, trees, water, earth, or any other beings. As the frequency, some moment is good, but other moment is bad… As the frequency, the earth gets cold and has an ice age, and sometimes becomes hot and has a tropical age. That’s how it is in the nature. That’s what LIFE is about.


I might be wrong.
I think I’m wrong.

In the very end of my life, on my deathbed, I may realize that total of my life is wrong. But, that’s okay. It’s okay to make mistakes, but live MY LIFE. That’s also a part of nature.
Like a deep breath, every single atoms will be absorbed into my whole body and sole. I want to live like that.


I thank everyone who I have met.
It has being a great treasure to share the time with you.
wherever you are,
Let’s share much more fun moment together :)


and lastly,
Let’s make the earth lovely!

all my best

Yuna Yagi

my portrait photo by: Tatjana Bilger


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Yuna, beautiful photos! – and there is us! and Tatsuya, right? haha! Keep up the good work, I wish I could make it to your exhibition in Tokyo – have a good time. 宜しくお願いします! Jon and I are working on a competition in Stockholm, so very busy till mid February, but let’s get together sometime after that.

Comment by Logan

Thank you, Logan for your message on my blog ;)
I really like the photo of you and Jon. And yes, the last one is Tatsuya!
I wish you can come to my exhibition in Tokyo, but I will have another group show in May in Kyoto.
Good Luck with the competition! and Let’s get together when I get back to Kyoto!!

Comment by Yuna Yagi

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