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29/11/2009, 01:47
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mediamatic は、オランダ拠点のアート組織。

そのmediamatic の新しいプロジェクトの一つである、”Mediamatc Travel” はもともとは困難を抱えた地域の現状を世界の人達がパーソナルに認知してゆくためのものだったそうです。今回は現地で活動するパートナー(東京の場合は REONA UEDA 氏)の視点でみる、東京にある生々しいアートの世界を捕らえるというものでした。いつもはウェブ上で公開されていますが、今回はしっかりとカタログに印刷された形になりました。やっぱり、印刷物っていいですね。

私はアーティスト REONA UEDA 氏と現在の東京のアートシーンを写真におさめてきました。こんな楽しい機会を下さって、ありがとうございました。

Mediamatic is an organization of the art of the base as for the Netherlands. Various activities like the workshop, the salon, the exhibition, and the archive, etc. are done with ‘Art and technology’ as the theme. The tendency to use the development of the present age technology and the convenience, to ask modern various problems and socialities according to it, and to think by a unique method is seen.

Mediamatc Travel” seems to have been originally the one that was the project that the mediamatic is new for people in the world to acknowledge the current state of the region where the difficulty had been held personal. It was the one of capturing the world of the fresh art seen in the aspect of the partner (REONA UEDA is in case of Tokyo) who acted in the locale this time. It was printed firmly on the catalog this time, though it is always a network on the web. After all, printed matter is good.

Togather with artist, REONA UEDA, I presented Tokyo in the photograph.
Thank you for REONA UEDA who gave me this chance. respect.


full-length GUNDAM @ ODAIBA

@ Someone’s garden




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