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04/06/2009, 02:54
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Buruno Taut is s German architect / city planing architect who has defected from Germany of the Nazi age to Japan. He was totally enchanted by the beauty of the Japanese life and he admired the Japan architecture. Taut also wrote a book called, ‘Re-discovery of Japanese esthetics’ It is about Japanese sense of beauty and the tradition. Because of the book, Japanese culture, sense of esthetics were recognized again to Japanese people and informed to the world.

A house “Hinata-House” was designed and built while Taut stayed in Japan has a mixture of Japanese style and German style. It is very interesting in the aspect from the Japanese because often times, it is opposite. Everything is “Japanese”, but not the design. I wonder how German people think about his work in Japan.

I went to see “Siedlung” of Taut (housing complex). In German, “Siedlung” means settlement/village. Start of modern architecture is related in the 1920’s, when concentration of population was considered. Bauhaus and modernism architects planned and constructed social housing complexes.

The composition of “Siedlung” seemed to be designed in symmetry seemingly, but the housing complex seems to be designed in the course of nature. When I entered the whole area of “Siedlung”, I could feel the natural relationship between the nature, architecture, and people though the pleasant walking in the site. The theory of Taut is different from socialism and the functionalism architecture at that time, but he designed “Siedlung” as for a relation between the street and the courtyard and the dwelling. It seems like to me, as he could not put a lot of budget on buildings, he designed it to give and realize people who lives in “Siedlung” how to spend a rich time living in “Siedlung” (time is money)

I was amazed how much green area “Siedlung” has. When I think of “Siedlung”, I imagine huge same looking buildings in one area with just a small green area. However, a lot of courtyards are arranged along buildings and the buildings are always hidden under a cover with green. Therefore, I think that calling a housings in the park is more correct rather than the housing complex.

It is heard that the resident is told the method of which man coexists with nature well from the architecture of Taut that aims at
From three elements of Taut’s utopian idea; daily life, the social life, and spiritual life, one could sense the aim of Bruno Taut. “the method of which man coexists with nature”

ベルリンの友達が2週間前に大学で映画の授業中に両足のかかとの骨を折って、1年間歩く事が出来なくなりました。自分で何も出来ないから、せめて話し相手にでもなろうと、1週間に一度お見舞いに行ってます。家から1時間かかる病院に入院していてるのですが、その近くに偶然ブルーノ・タウト (Bruno Taut)の集合住宅、ブルーノ・タウト・リングを発見!








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