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10/04/2009, 13:03
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大好きな友達、CHINATU NOBE 氏。




CHINATSU NOBE のことは、2003年くらいだったか、ニューヨークでファッション誌の撮影を何度か一緒にした時に出会った。その時からずっと彼女の作品を見ているので、私にはとてもとても嬉しいお知らせが今回あった!

写真を撮っている Miguel Villalobos とファッションデザイナー+スタイリストのGraham Tabor とのチームで創りだす世界は格別!彼らはCHINATSU NOBE の才能を更に引き出しているように感じる。そのチームによって創りだされた写真がつい1週間前にゴールドアワードを受賞し、写真展が現在ベルリンで開催されている!



CHINATSU NOBE is a hairstylist who lives in New York City for 7 years. She is a one of my best friend from my New York time.

Her works are so original. I mean, very original. She often brings many crazy materials to a shooting which they do not seems to be used for a shooting. There are sometimes flowers, and branches, and even some foods like, red peppers, dried seaweeds (wakame), eggs, and so on! Sometimes, it is hard to find these crazy materials in the photo because a finished hairstyle is so beautiful and so natural at the same time. While staring with amazement, she finishes her work on hair. And then, it appears something that I have never seen before.

“what is the most important thing for you to create your work?”
She answered, “to make my mind totally empty”
From this “Emptiness” become so dynamic and crazy, but cool.
She does not think too much, but she feels it the most. That’s her life style and her work style!

I have known her since 2003 when we did a shooting together for a magazine. We do not have much common, but we both like to drink and we can drink quite a lot for Japanese. I think that’s how we became friends!! (haha) She showed me her works a lot because I helped her to make her portfolio and scanned some photos of some magazines she has worked. Although her work is very crazy, original, and cool, I thought her work is normal for hairstylist because she is the only friend who is a hairstylist at the time. I thought there must be crazier one, but I did not meat anyone after her who is totally crazy.

Her fashion photo shooting crew, Miguel Villalobos has won a photography awards on Sebatian, “NEW TO THE EYE”
Chinatsu Nobe did the hair on the photos and Graham Tabor did the styling. Also some of the images are of Graham’s collection that was shown last April at the festival d’Hyeres.
from Dinane:

Chinatsu will be based on Tokyo from July 2009.
I look forward to her next step in Tokyo!!


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