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Photography_004 ”snow”
21/02/2009, 23:49
Filed under: Berlin, Photography

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continue snowing

I like snow.
No matter how dirty and dark the city is, it makes the whole city white and so beautiful in one day. It dramatically changes the expression of the city. Although it is the same place and same time as I always walk by, the city seems like the most innocent and purest place in the whole world.

Snow absorbs sounds. Snow reflects light and re-bounces back by clouds. The city becomes quite and brighter. I like the contrast between the objects and the whiteness of snow. It shows the silhouette of objects and that seems like telling the characteristic of them.

I have been to many places, but places where I’ve lived were always cold. I think that is why the snow makes me feel comfortable and relieved. I like the sounds of snow. That also make me feel relaxed.





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