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05/02/2009, 20:46
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This is where I live and I like it here.

Since last month, I had some guests from many places. And still there is one guest staying with me and others will come later. This is the time to see the city in defferent perspectives – with fresh eyes. Also, I like watching all my friends becoming to like Berlin after spending only few days here. There must be a reason for it. Although, it is not a rich city compare to other places in Germany, the people are very rich in their mind.

Dear my friends,
Please come back again.


when a feeling of gratitude inside of me grew more than before, I felt being happier than ever.
“Thank you!”



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いつもより一つでも多く感謝の気持ちが芽生えたら、いつもよりたくさん幸せを感じる事が出来ました。『ありがとう』 いい言葉ね。Please translate this important words of Yuna for everybody in the all over the world!

Comment by mariyo

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