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01/02/2009, 16:50
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BERLIN TRANSMEDIALE FESTIVAL / 26.0. 2009 – 01.02.2009 /

It is a festival for adventurous music and related visual arts with a mix of concerts, live-performances and club events are taking place in Berlin. The outstanding international electronic and experimental musicians/artists were invited to present their work. This festival is also contained some art installations, film screenings and technological aspects of electronic and media culture. Interdisciplinary “Crossover” is a key concept in programming the Festival.
source by : lastFM
I am sorry to mention this, but Unfortunately, the website is not good organized and the program had some mistakes which did not fixed. Therefore, many people missed some of the shows. I hope in the future, they can improve it.

I went to see some of the shows and I was really impressed by all the performances. SND, Alva Noto, Ryuichi Kurokawa, and so on.
The interesting thing about the show was to know that Electro/ Techno/ Experimental Music is advanced in many ways. ie. Technologies, artistic representations, and musical sounds. If you have a chance to hear their music in a live, please do, because it will break away from the conventional style of “Techno” Music.


1月26日から2月1日まで開催されている、ベルリン トランスメディアーレ。
このフェスティバルは毎年この時季に開催されているのですが、エレクトロ/実験音楽とメディア/ビジュアルアートがメインになっています。その他にもアート インスタレーションや最先端科学技術を駆使したメディア アート、音楽関連の映画がプログラムの一環となっており、とても興味深く、充実しています。
特に SND, Alva Noto, Ryuichi Kurokawa には驚かされました。言葉では言い表せない面白さです。機会があれば、是非生演奏を聴いて下さい。従来の実験音楽概念を吹き飛ばされます!



Also, my friend, Niamh Ahern directed a film called, ‘Totally Wired’ was played during this TRANSMEDIALE FESTIVAL.
It is VERY interesting film. “A documentary film about Andreas Schneider’s infamous ‘Schneider’s Buero’, the boutique electronic musical instrument shop in Berlin.” If you like techno music, you MUST see!! She shoot mostly in Berlin, so you can also enjoy watching the city of Berlin.


他にも、アイルランド出身の女性映画監督、Niamh Ahernの作品が上映されていました。音楽のドキュメンタリー。‘Totally Wired’


All the photos are taken at a club, MARIA.



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