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11/11/2008, 22:52
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I went to see a fantastic exhibitions last month. It is rare to find a nice exhibition in Berlin that is organized by small organization because of their small budget. However, this one was well curated and shown interegent way.
The exhibition was called “Megastructure.” It was shown in other cities, but shown by different curator and called “Psycho Buildings.” It supposed to be shown during the art biennale in Berlin this year in spring, but because they could not find a place to exhibit at the time, it was being exhibited from September for two months.
The site that they picked was also interesting. It was a former power plant in Berlin, Mitte, near from Embassy of Netherlands. It was also used as a bunker.

+ see more info

++ from the site
* The exhibition is dedicated to the visionary urban designs of the 1960s, which crystallize in the idea of the Megastructure. These urban visions are setting the starting point for the ten projects by contemporary artists: José Dávila (Mexico), Simon Dybbroe Møller (Denmark), Ryan Gander (GB), Erik Göngrich (Germany), Franka Hörnschemeyer (Germany), Victor Nieuwenhuijs & Maartje Seyferth (Netherlands), Tobias Putrih (Slovenia/USA), Tomás Saraceno (Argentina/Germany), Katrin Sigurðardottir (Iceland/USA) and Tilman Wendland (Germany).

**Aside from the contemporary arts by the artists above, the exhibition will also show drawings, collages and models from the 1960’s. The megastructure design projects from Archigram, Archizoom, Alan Boutwell, Yona Friedman, Guenther Domenig & Eilfried Huth, Constant Nieuwenhuys, Eckhard Schulze-Fielitz and Superstudio.

+ + +

『メガストラクチャー展』を観に行った時の様子。今春に行われていたベルリン アート ビエンナーレと同時に開催される予定が、場所が見つからず、その影をひそめていた。ちょうど忘れ去れた頃、9月末から2ヶ月間ひっそりと行われていた。

見つけた場所は元発電所。入り口を入り、半透明の白いチューブトンネルをくぐり抜けると大きな中庭が目の前に現れる。そこには、60年代に構想された都市 規模の巨大構造体(メガストラクチャー)を基本コンセプトに創られたアート作品が立ちはだかる。敷地内にはこういった迫力のある作品たちが置かれていて、 それぞれ何かしらの機能があるようにも見える。




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