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Tempelhof Airport
06/11/2008, 00:19
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Tempelhof Airport has been permanently closed since November 2008 for economical, social, political, environmental, and functional reasons. There are so many complex situations and conditions that I cannot explain in short words. The site has very interesting features in historical point of view. There have been a lot of discussions and debates about it if they should close or not, and what would it to be when it is closed. Last 13 years, there were several competitions for developing the area with considering the Tempelhof Airport. Now, senator and the public know what they wish for the site. However, they do not known exactly how to develop the area in a right way.

* you can learn more about it here.


My office has been studying about the site. There are enormous amount of information about it. Plus, we also study urban design and its theories to apply into such a complex situation and vast land. – We are taking a part of the competition which they have provided to the public.

Since I am also the part of the team, I am learning a lot about Berlin and urban development. It is very interesting because, comparing with architecture planning, city planning is like a relationship with people. Planning architecture need a lot of control, but city cannot totally control. It is like bacteria in a way, but still need certain direction and control to it.

Today, we made an appointment for a guided tour at the site. It was VERY interesting to see the site and we could go into some area where you normally have no access to, such as former offices for the employees, CIA, and bunkers. The guide, he mentioned sometimes, that he used to work at the place for long time. We guessed that he was (still is) maintenance person for the airport


After the tour, we celebrated the American day with American food, Hambuger for the new president, Obama . oh, btwy, Tempelfoh is known for the food supply airlifts from USA.


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