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Best Regards to Berlin
05/11/2008, 00:40
Filed under: Berlin, Photography

It has been already an year since I moved to Berlin on 13th of October in 2007. I cannot believe how fast the time passes (as always). Looking back the time, I have done a lot of thing, but at the same time, I feel like I did not do anything.
At the first, I had to confronting things that I had to over come. It made me realized a lot of things which I’ve never bother to think through them in my life. Not so long time ago, I lost my soul somewhere in the universe, but it came back to me again and became Yuna Yagi by looking into my soul, listening to my own voice, accepting myself and just be myself…. One day, my heart was opened again and I was crying because I felt that I was the happiest person on the earth. Whole process of just being myself changed my life style, way of thinking and relationships with friends.
At the second, the only thing and the best thing I did in last year, was I have met many talented, interesting, cool, and warm-hearted people. I am very fortunate to meet them and become friends. They give me a lot of love and energy. I am always happy to just meet them.
Berlin gave me a lot of thing, but I did not give anything back yet. I am thinking what will be a nice present for Berlin and its friends…

Best regards to Berlin.


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